Want To Earn More And Work Less This Summer? Find 10 Ways To Do Just That

Want to earn more and work less this summer? Find 10 ways to do just that. If you’re anything like me, you start looking forward to summer as soon as the calendar flips to a new year. Take advantage of summer’s slower pace and people’s more casual attitudes and plan to not only take time off but to make some money while you do!

1. Commit To Your Vacation Time.

If you haven’t already scheduled a break this summer, stop reading this right now and do so! Even if you don’t have plans to go away or if your budget is tight, I strongly encourage you to put at least a long weekend break into your calendar now – and then make sure you do anything you want for those few days – EXCEPT work. You’ll come back to your business refreshed and recharged. You know you will, and you know you need it.

2. Have A summer Sale.

Are there some products or programs in your funnel that you could offer a summer discount? I’d be willing to bet there’s at least one. Then Kick off the summer season by providing your prospects with a special deal on one or more of your offerings.

3. Make a special offer to your current clients and customers.

Summer’s a great time to give your current clients and customers a special deal. For example, if they’ve already purchased something from you at the first level of your funnel, offer them a unique value for investing in an additional offering of yours, maybe at the next higher-priced level of your funnel.

If they’ve already spent $50 on one of your products, then offer them a $50 discount on another product you are offerings.

4. Cut Down On Your Expenses.

Are there some business-related expenses that could be put on hold for the next few months without a negative impact on your bottom line? There are probably at least two or three things that you could eliminate for the summer, and you may find out that you can stop them ultimately come the fall.

For example, I’ve stopped my monthly subscription to the screen-sharing software I use because I know I won’t be using it for at least the next three months. That’s $150 in savings for my business!

5. Create Time For Your Self.

Start later in the day, take a mid-day break for a few hours, or end your day earlier. You can take one day a week off. Work half days. Take four-day weekends. It’s your choice, but by creating summer hours, you’re not only giving yourself some time to enjoy the fleeting days of warmer weather, but you’ll also find that you’ll be much more likely to focus only on your priorities, which means you’ll move ahead much faster! Do you want to earn more and work less this summer? Find 10 ways to do just that. Click here for more information.

6. Rinse And Repeat A Previously Profitable Product.

Do you have a product that, when you first launched it, sold well? Maybe it just needs some new life and a new promotion. Don’t re-invent the wheel and repeat what’s already worked for you in the past.

7. Republish The Best Articles In Your Newsletter.

For the summer, consider giving some of your best articles (the ones people commented on or were reprinted most often) an encore presentation in your ezine. If you’ve been publishing for a while, your readers most likely will appreciate the reminder the articles will bring, while it will be new content to your more recent subscribers.

8. Organise Your Office For Work

I can’t think when my office falls into chaos, and I’m always amazed by how much better I feel and how much more productive I immediately become once I get rid of the clutter.

Summer is a great time to declutter and reorganise. Enlist a friend to help, or hire a professional organiser to get you geared up for the summer (and the fall!).

9. Reorganise Your Mind During Summer Break

When you started your business, did you write down your vision for it? If you haven’t, or if you haven’t visited your idea in a while if you have, the next few months are perfect for reflection, dreaming, and planning what you want the rest of your year to look like.

I’ll be dreaming up mine on the dock at the lake. Where will you be dreaming up yours?

10. Add Time For fun During Summer

Even if you don’t have plans to travel this summer, you can still plan some enjoyable things to do near your home. Having something to look forward to will help you enjoy some time away from your desk while the sun is shining.

I know how hard that can be. I love what I do, too. But one main reason we work for ourselves is so we can enjoy our lives.

Finally, if you want to earn more and work less this summer? Find 10 ways to just do that then click here to learn everything you need.

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