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Discover Top 5 Ways to Increase Revenues from Video Ads

Online marketers are more inclined to invest in video marketing with more budget allocation set for this highly in-demand, popular and most favoured form of media in this ever-evolving digital space. Let’s check these numbers. Here you will certainly discover 5 ways to increase revenues from video ads.

In 2018, mobile video ad spending is expected to grow 49 per cent to nearly $18 billion. while fixed online video ad spending is expected to decline by 1.5 per cent to $15 billion.

Marketers belonging to any niche and running any size business online have included video marketing in their marketing strategies and have run video ads to lure customers to their brands and spread awareness about their brands.

When we say video ads, marketers rely on the 2 TOP giants that rule the social media – Facebook and YouTube. 67% of marketers run video ads on YouTube, and 51% use Facebook video ads.

At this juncture, it is advisable to include other social channels

To make sure you capture the attention of your targeted set of audiences and make the most out of your video ad campaign in terms of revenues, follow these 5 proven tips.

Fully utilize the custom audience options

For marketers, it’s of critical importance that they should segregate their target audience after thoroughly analyzing their behaviours. Effective communication is the key to delight audiences. What audiences are looking for and what information the ad is providing.

For a distinct set of the target audience, different ads should be created to communicate in an easy manner.

A wise TIP – Craft ads for first-time visitors, repeat visitors and unique visitors. Also, analyze the demographics and user interests by finding which type of ads are enjoyed more.

Build an interesting angle to your video ad

Yes, if you want to seize millions of views and make huge revenues from your video ads, you need to create something that is awe-inspiring and can make the viewer, think, laugh, get attached, act upon and ultimately resonate the ad with your brand.

Well, it isn’t that easy my dear friends!

You need to invest in the art of storytelling. Yes, we humans respond and get attached to elements that make us happy, make us emotional, and make us think.

Being a marketer, you need to add elements of surprise, fun, wit, a social cause/ concern to your video. You need to develop this skill and craft compelling videos that while attracting viewers force them to act.

Seek Out Professional Help

Creating a compelling video isn’t that easy. You need to have a well-written script, advanced technology systems, voice-overs, smart anchors, and a lot more.

Being a marketer, you need to address a lot of other activities from planning, strategizing, budgeting and others that need your prior attention.

To win in the crowded rat race you need to appear distinct. You need to have QUALITY videos that have been crafted taking care of the essentials.

Take care of the background.

Avoid using loud background music.

Ensure that the voice over is clear and audible.

Avoid the use of flashy colours. Take professional themes in use.

Take help from experts in creating videos. Get your work done by hiring services from Upwork, Freelancers, Videopixie.

While getting your work freelance, make sure you stay within your budget.

Consider Video Length to be Shorter

It’s obvious that when users have initiated an action of viewing a video for gaining information. Be it any other reason, and if they are stopped by your ad that is 3 minutes or maybe longer, the chances that your ad will be viewed are very LESS.

Viewers will simply click on the SKIP option.

Won’t that be terrible! To help you not face this situation, it’s advisable to create short span videos, effectively between 15 to 30 seconds. Shorter videos have higher chances of being viewed completely which means more awareness about your brand and the completion of the intent for which the ad was created.

Practice Split-Testing

Editing an image or a landing page involves a few clicks but editing a video is complicated. Marketers usually don’t think of editing their videos with what can be improved. They simply create video ads and leave it on destiny and the user’s wish to like or dislike.

But there is always room for improvement!

Marketers should practice split-testing. In simple terms, two versions of the same should be created and analysis should be drawn on which one of the two received better conversion ratios.

You can now, optimize the one which received lesser clicks and had lower conversion ratios.


Video advertising is the key strategy marketers are focusing on.

Employing these proven tips, you too can make incredible benefits out of your video ads.

Finally, if you are looking to know or discover 5 ways to increase revenues from video ads click here to learn everything you need to know about it.

Good Luck for your future video ad campaigns!

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