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How To Create Premium Ads That Work On Facebook?

Online Marketers worldwide have tried a number of possible permutations and combinations and have well figured out what makes them gain decently out of the well-conceptualized Facebook Ads. Here you will certainly learn how to create premium ads that work on Facebook? when you read the article.

Well, creating premium ads for Facebook involves placing the right set of elements that can work as spices and make the ad watching experience a worth!

Premium Video Ads are designed for a larger target audience base with a focus on quality, sound and motion.

To give your audience video ads worth watching which can be shared, you need to make them a premium. Follow these essential 4 tips while creating a video ad.

1. Upload videos directly to Facebook

Make your videos be found and easily seen. The videos uploaded by you will:

  • By default, take up the width of a regular news feed.
  • Will play automatically when viewed.
  • And will have video reporting.

Videos uploaded directly to Facebook are surely given weight which other videos that are linked from outside cannot enjoy. A smaller preview image and an additional click to watch are some of the few benefits extended.

2. Fully Mobile Optimized

Visually enhanced videos are more engaging. Make sure you keep the mobile screen alignments i.e. vertical or square formats into consideration. Square video formats result in 30-35% higher video views and an 80-100% increase in engagement rates.

Video formats affect the way the ads are being viewed – for how long the video was viewed, and what number of people watch the video; where did they stop watching and why.

3. Capture attention straight away

Marketers find it critical to engage users on mobile as users tend to move quickly. Marketers can engage users with highly-engaging visuals that resonate the brand. Always introduce the brand logo early.

Videos of less than 15-seconds are appreciated and recommended as they have higher chances of being viewed completely. Viewers on mobile have the tendency to move quickly for alternatives, and the attention span being less as well, it is advisable to stick to the 15-second time length.

4. Design videos with sound off

It’s wise if you craft your videos while making the sound disabled. Almost 85% of the users watch videos with sound off. This evidently indicates that videos should be self-explanatory. Use of subtitles and text that makes things easily understandable must be there.

These small elements contribute to making the videos stand out from their competitors.

5. Optimize Video Ad Quality

Then viewers will experience finesse in the form of quality. Make use of premium quality cameras and best the available technology sources. Whether you have an in-house production team, or you are outsourcing your videos, make sure quality is not compromised. Viewers appreciate high-definition videos crafted well and optimized to fit their devices.

6. Customize the story for every set of audience

Yes, each set of the target audience may have different behaviours, tastes and preferences. Keeping all this in mind, you need to alter your videos and make sure the essential message is not disturbed.

Viewers resonate to brands that show care towards their interests. So, as a marketer, you need to consider their expectations and showcase different video ads to different customer segments.

7. Keep a ‘Story’ alive from first to the last

The art of storytelling is what makes the video interesting. The essence of storytelling should be evident from the first to the last in the video. This would not only make the video interesting but would also engage viewers.

To craft compelling videos that grab attention and drive business goals requires finesse from both art and science. Infuse these suggestions while crafting your next video ad campaign for Facebook. Finally, if you are looking for how to create premium ads that work on Facebook? Click here to learn more.


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