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Discover How To Use Twitter to Market Your Web Design Skills

Are you a freelance web designer?  If so, you may always be on the lookout for new clients.  This should be relatively easy as many internet users want to capitalize on their internet use, but not all have the skills needed to create a moneymaking website.  Although already in a potentially profitable career, there are ways that you can increase your earnings.  You can use Twitter to land new clients and projects. Here you will surely discover how to use twitter to market your web design skills.

Have you heard of Twitter before?  Since you work online, you likely have.  Are you using it?  If not, now is the time to start.  Twitter is classified as a social networking website and a micro-blog.  Although many use the service for personal purposes only, you can use to drive attention to your business.  If you are only using Twitter to stay in contact with friends and family, you aren’t necessarily using it wrong, but you aren’t using it to your full advantage.

So, how can use your Twitter to land web design projects and clients?  You can do so by not using Twitter as a social tool but as an internet marketing tool.

If you do not have a Twitter account, register for a free one.  Visit the website to get a start.  Choose a screen name, password, and provide your email address.  Since your goal is to use Twitter to market your web design skills, choose a professional and catchy screen name.  Next, add contacts.  You can import contacts from your email account and search for members based on their location, name, or email address.

Once you have an account, you may want to start marketing right away.  First, develop a list of contacts.  To achieve ultimate marketing success, add more than just friends and family.  Since networking is important to home-based and online jobs, you may already belong to other social networking websites or message boards.  Ask around to see who has a Twitter account and exchange information.  If someone starts following you from your post, do the same.

A unique, but successful way to market your web design services online is to perform a Twitter search.  You can do this at  Here, you can use a phrase like “web design.”  This allows you to find other Twitter members who enjoy the same interests as you.  Many of these members are also employed as web designers or enjoy designing as a hobby.  You can reply to a Tweet.  This gets the process started off developing a new follower.

By asking other web designers for their Twitter information and by searching for similar interests on the website, you will find those who share similar interests as you.  This may not always land you a job, but sometimes freelancers become overwhelmed with work.  If a fellow web designer knows through Twitter that you have the same skills, you may be approached for outsourced help.

You can also land web design projects and jobs on Twitter by looking for those who need or could benefit from your services.  For example, you know that a website has the potential to make money, even if no products are sold on the website.  A quick search on Twitter and you will find that not everyone knows this.   Some inquire as to how you can make money online.  This is your opportunity to state “with a website.”  You could also insert a plug claiming you do web design and could help them get started for a small fee.  It is best to be subtle, but when outright advertising your business online, it is best to do so in an @reply.

In short, Twitter is a popular social networking micro-blog that millions of internet users use.  Yes, sending messages to those that you can know to be fun, but it is important to look at the service from an internet marketing standpoint.  Once you do, you will see that creating a free Twitter account can turn into an easy, yet profitable step. Finally, click here to discover how to use Twitter to market your web design skills.

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